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Conor A.

San Francisco, USA

Seasoned marketer with marketer. Expert in research, analysis, product development, digital marketing. Goal: maximize brand potential. Strong leadership, sales-driven, skilled team manager.

87 orders completed this year

Stacey M.

San Francisco, USA

Talented designer with 8+ years' experience. Specializing in branding, web design. Creative, innovative, emotion-driven. Committed to delivering unique and impactful designs that reflect client vision.

137 orders completed this year

Elisabeth H.

Texas, USA

Experienced copywriter. Writes persuasive copies, blogs, articles, and social media content. Creative, detail-oriented. Engaging content tailored to the target audience. Collaborates effectively with marketing and design teams.

64 orders completed this year

Stefan L.

London, UK

SEO expert with 10+ years' experience. Skilled in keyword analysis, on-page/off-page optimization, content strategy, and search engine marketing. Goal: maximize website visibility, drive organic traffic and conversions.

120 orders completed this year

Dan Kulkov


Co-Founder of MarkerBox, has already roasted 200+ landing pages from solopreneurs. Previously, Dan was COO at an EdTech startup for 2 years. During this time, he increased their monthly revenue from $5 000 to $85 000. He knows the mistakes 90% of founders will make and how to help you stand out from the competition.

Roasting from $149

Oliver Meakings


London-based expert digital marketer with 20 years of experience in conversion rate optimization. Oliver launched the original landing page roasting service and has shown over 700 founders (and counting) how to turn more of their current landing page visitors into customers with a roast.

Roasting from $350

Ollie Efesopoulos


Designed hundreds of websites for both startups and big tech over the years and has learnt what works and converts. He will help you turn passive viewers into customers through a brutal feedback roast.

Roasting from $99
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How can I connect with clients on the platform?

The platform simplifies the process of connecting with clients. By creating an appealing profile and describing your services in detail, you showcase your expertise. Clients actively seeking expert landing page reviews can easily discover your profile and engage with your services. Focus on crafting a compelling profile to attract clients who are looking for your expertise.

How does the platform algorithm help me create my profile and offerings?

The platform's AI-powered algorithm accelerates the process of creating offerings. By asking targeted questions about your expertise, skills, and business experience, it quickly generates personalized offerings. This streamlined approach saves you time while ensuring your offerings accurately reflect your expertise.

Is there a limit to the price I can set for my services on the platform?

No, there is no price limit on our platform. You have the freedom to set your service prices based on your expertise, market value, and the value you provide to clients. This allows you to fully leverage your skills and earn what you deserve for your exceptional services.

Is there any cost or commission for experts to use the platform?

No, there is no cost or commission for experts on our platform. We have a zero-cost model where the platform's commission is added to the client's invoice. This means you receive exactly the amount you ask for, without any deductions or fees.

Is this just another freelance marketplace?

No, the platform is specifically tailored for landing page experts and clients seeking expert reviews for their landing pages. We identified a specific demand from clients who needed specialized expertise in optimizing their landing pages, and we created this platform to connect them with experienced professionals in that niche.

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